I am preparing some fan art to include in my booth at Anime Revolution this year!

I have also posted this on my deviant art and my pixiv :) I am slowly working on more fan art among other things ^o^;;)>

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First quickie fan art of 2009!
I was inspired by a really cute youtube clip of a 3D animated Hatsune Miku video, and decided to do a quick doodle of my own version :P You can find a larger version in Gallery :)

Some random photos :P (one food photo near the end of the entry so be warned!)

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See a slightly larger version in Gallery ^^/
Added her into the rotating banner above :D

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A little more progress ^^; don’t think I can finish it today x_x)

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Hatsune Miku fan art in progress, re-inked in flash, will probably colour in photoshop :) Final coloured art will be updated into the gallery when completed.

first inked in pen version here.

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