Zazzle new T-shirts designs and commissioned work

So some of you may have noticed that I had put up a couple of Zazzle shirts with fan art of Danny‘s lovely Suenaga sisters. Was gonna write about it sooner but got a bit busy with other stuff ^^;

Click on image below to access a slightly larger image.

Last week, I posted 2 styles of Tee-shirts on my Zazzle page, please note that you can totally change the shirt style to fit a different gender.
I just wanted to post 2 different models on 2 different coloured teeshirt which they have on site rather than use the same people over and over.  So below I linked to 4 different shirts I quickly created thru Zazzle site for example. :)

Haruka and Mirai fan art for Dark shirt Haruka and Mirai fan art for Dark shirt Haruka and Mirai fan art for Light shirt Haruka and Mirai fan art for Light shirt

Before I hit the sack, I also want to quickly mention, with great pleasure and honor, I was commissioned to create a Santa outfit for Haruka Suenaga for the header this festive season :D

Thank you, Danny it was a fun project!  Below are 2 screen captures from :3
Original image of Haruka chan is created by the talented Azami Yuko sensei!

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Haruka Wallpaper – version 2

Since the first version, some changes have happened, so I now present to you the version 2 of the Haruka Wallpapers ^^/

1024 x 768
1600 x 1200
1680 x 1050 (16:10)

Interested in the flash version? Go here or visit the Gallery page for more flash ^^/
Updated tumblr with evil food related post :P

Haruka on the beach Flash

So I FINALLY finished the Haruka Suenaga Flashu I was working on bits and pieces since early June ^^; Click on the image below to go to the page :) she has also been updated into the flash section of the Gallery page :3

okie time to prep dinner ^^;;;;
Almost forgot, the still image is here for now :)

Alternate headers for

We were trilled to find out that Danny was interested to use some of the images I had mucked around with, in his site’s header pool and also for the “is ecchi” images thumbnail (LOL)!

Mind you, the original character artworks are created by the most talented Azami yuko sensei ^^/ I only tried my hand at creating some layers for the more goofy expressions (as you can see on the image below). For a clearer look at the bigger images, you can check out this link :)

It all originated from the Wonfes Hatsune Miku news post, where Danny was requesting his readers for attempts to give his 2 adorable sister mascots, Mirai and Haruka extra facial expressions :) You’ll find some interesting variants by some of the talented readers on that news page as well :D

Hoo, got inspired to do my on tinkering lol

Haruka Wallpaper :D

Celebrated too soon ;_; is unfortunately down again I think x_x
here’s a cache of the last few updates ^^;
Decided to do a quicky update thingie with Haruka chan but err end up spending almost 2 hours on it ^^;
Added background, her sukumizu and swimming ring(?) in flash, and added the sparkles in photoshop ^^ Might as well make her into a wallpaper huh?
1024 x 768
1600 x 1200

Will try to add the wider screen version later ^^;;;