Happy Lunar New Year!

Oops, been a while since my last update ^^;
Here’s Ginko and Yoshi wishing all of you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!


You can view Ginko and Yoshi’s weekly comic strip House with two cats here on tapastic! ^o^/

I was also recently commissioned to draw Olivia’s pet bunny, Baxter :D you can follow adorable Baxter on instagram ^o^/

I intend to try to bring some fan art to my booth at Anime Revolution this year, and also will be vending at Blythe Con Vancouver ^o^/

Happy Snakey New Year~!

Stole some time to make a quick art after I sketched this out with pencil :P Hope ya like it!

Happy Year of the Snake!

Wishing all of you a Happy, prosperous new year!

I was intending to draw a sexy babe and some snakes… but then it felt a bit wrong LOL *scratch head*, so here’s a snake, puppy and mouse, Ginko and Yoshi ^o^/!

Happy Dragon Year!

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! :) Realise I haven’t updated the gallery very much last year ^^;

I felt inspired to create a drawing related to the dragon theme so here it is :D click on image below for a larger version ^^/

I drew and colour this in Sai (What is Sai?), the text and border is done in photoshop ^^ black and white version under cut ^^

Also my girls wish all of you a wonderful new year as well~!

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Lunar New Year and BBT cafe

Happy Lunar New Year to all those who celebrate it!

Over the weekend, me and husband to check out this place called BBT cafe, above is their festive display to welcome the Lunar New Year :)

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