Fujiwara Yukino standie

Click picture below for a larger view ^o^/

My mascot puppy jumped into the standie for some reason ^^;

My friend’s dollfie dream Yu chann, with my artwork of her is made into a standie… She looks like she’s interviewing the SAO standies here~ ^^; my puppy mascot jumped in like a photo bomber ^^;

Photo by Alvin (thank you~!)

If you had a photo taken with Yu chann, please show me! I wish I was able to attend AFA, have to save money  to go sometime ^^;

Fujiwara Yukino

Another illustration documentation ^^/ Some of you may have already seen Yu chann at AFA Singapore~! Here is Yu chann in an Autumn setting in Vancouver lol

Click image below for a larger picture ^^/

Hope everyone is having a blast at AFA Singapore! ^o^/