photo comic strip ^^

This morning, I was chatting with an old friend, Rex from furryfish (they specialise in flash animation, graphic and web design) back in Singapore. And he brought up a dog meets hydrant idea when he saw one of my recent photos lol!

I must admit it is not the most unique idea, I mean… what else can happen when a dog meets hydrant?
But do click here or on the image below to see the full version with a special message ;P!

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Old art revisited and a priceless gift

Was digging up some archived stuff, found an old fan art of Iori (from I”s) I unfortunately cannot locate where the original PSD was (oops). This piece of fan art I actually submitted to Katsura’s official site before, when it was still around. :)

Also found a scan of the Masakazu Katsura’s autograph which my dear friend Saka got for me during a convention.(I still feel very touched!!!) Would be nice if I were actually at the convention in person, but I think it just happened that I couldn’t afford it then ;_;

I leave you with a photo of an event which changed my life forever :P Was taking part in the World’s longest comic strip when I was in my teens… Ah so nostalgic LOL!

Original characters

I was often asked “Who are you drawing?” whenever I draw a person (Mostly girls), most of them are nameless characters except for a few… I quickly sketched this doodle out, and coloured roughly on photoshop. ^^

BBlue is probably one of the first characters I ever created (and actually remembered) for an online chatting site. She’s probably eternally 19 years old, gentle and smart, very girly but a bit stubborn.

Paw is boisterous and silly, loud and sometimes a bit annoying. She’s the most tomboyish of the lot. Her hair was sometimes reddish rather than dark blue :) I think I draw her the most.

Red is a character I almost scratched, but I do like her mature and curvy design. She has a mysterious occupation (a spy maybe?) And is quite athletic despite her feminine look.

Ahmin is probably the most exposed and long running original character I have created so far. In fact I cannot even remember which year I created her o_o; but it is a long time ago ^^;
The funny thing was she was initially supposed to be a male character but I asked for her to be a tomboy instead since girls are cuter and have more fun with fashion (and they accepted the idea). You may still see her reporting on anime/manga/comics related news about once a week on the Chinese Daily paper Lianhe Zaobao in Singapore.

Of course there’s also the character, May, whom I created as the cover girl of my first book, from Puppy with Love. I hope to some day revive her if I settle down on a good storyline :)

Hmmmm I put a poll on the side of the blog for this entry, not sure if it’s working, sooooo if it’s working for you…. which girl you like most? *puppy dog eyes* LOL

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from Puppy with Love – flash back

Last couple weeks I got a few people asking me why 52 in puppy52?

The short: Puppy= Xiao gou 小狗
was my pen name when I submitted comic strips to the papers in my teens,
52 looked like a heart shape so the meaning = puppy love.

The picture above is the scan of the cover of my first book, drawn in my late 16, published when I was around 17 years old. It was entitled “from puppy with love” and designed such that to look as if it says “Puppy Love”. It was my first attempt to draw something that over 100 pages, and there is countless mistakes in it which I am embarrassed to mention!

I’m not very proud of the standard of my work inside, but I am still to date thankful for the chance to have it published at my tender teenage years. I must also thank the countless people who helped me made it possible then, it was definitely an experience of a lifetime!

The long of it, and the foreword which cracked me up still…

Thank you gordon for helping me with the script (which I hope I am using correctly!)