photo comic strip ^^

This morning, I was chatting with an old friend, Rex from furryfish (they specialise in flash animation, graphic and web design) back in Singapore. And he brought up a dog meets hydrant idea when he saw one of my recent photos lol!

I must admit it is not the most unique idea, I mean… what else can happen when a dog meets hydrant?
But do click here or on the image below to see the full version with a special message ;P!

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Old comic art revisited

So I been quite busy with work, but I had been meaning to put some older work up tho (Like REALLY old stuff). Pardon the quality of my old art ^^; ), and I also wanted to test out some flash related coding ^^; I hope it works without breaking anyone’s internet :P

This little story was from one of the Manga Doomei publications (kinda like a group collaboration) and the story happened to be one of my personal favourite (other than that my artwork is really not up to standard LOL) I should be putting this file into gallery later on :)

Question: ^^; Should I put comics on a flash template?
Anyone cannot see anything under this sentence?