Work stuff ^^;

So these few months, I had been pulled to do some non “doll” related work for cartoondollemporium (CDE), I am quite happy with what I had done, so I asked for permission to showcase some here.

The artwork below are all created in flash and it was quite challenging and rather time consuming to make little details via vector. I prefer to use the mouse to work with when drawing in flash as it gives me the cleaner edges I prefer for my artwork.

My personal favorite has to be the kitchen ^^! There are a few items in there were inspired by our own kitchen :P

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Swim wear ladies completed

Okie the ladies are done ^^!
I would give a hint to what I was trying to find out from the previous entry, but I think this time it’s quite obvious no? LOL
Currently clicking on the image below will bring you to the full view, image has been updated into Gallery page as well ^^/

ETA couple progress thumbnails:

So what’s been keeping me busy this couple weeks? Take note these are preview work in progress lol There’s a few more of course which I am pretty happy with, but I won’t be showing for now :P

okie lunch time ^^;;;

Romantic proposal flash dolls on cartoondollemporium

Kept busy last week+ by this one, while there’s a 23847234234 more things I can add to it, it’ll never be finish if I continue to do so lol. Be warned there’s music in this one ;)

Farmer girl flash doll on cartoondollemporium

So what was keeping me rather busy for a while now was this new game/doll for cartoondollemporium, I’m quite happy with 2 of the hidden animals in this game XD

Be warned tho, there’s plenty of sound effects for this game so please turn down your volume if U view it late at nite :3

I have started on another one since last nite ^^;;;

Lollibunny on cartoondollemporium

Sorry, don’t mean to drop off the face of the earth like this ^^; Had just been way too busy with out of town visitor and trying to catch up with work and all! x_x
So glad I got a flash doll finished yesterday! I present to you Lollibunny ! I hope you like her!

Actually asked Husband to check her out after I was done, he said with long straight pink hair this doll reminds him of Moka Akashiya (赤夜 萌香, Akashiya Moka) from Rosario + Vampire. I had to LOL when I heard that XD we had been watching the series out of boredom :P
Anyhows the image below is the doll in one of her many changeable get ups ^O^/

Yesterday was my “working at friend’s shop” day, so I did some sketching while I was there. Hope to scan and upload soon!

Flash doll Andrica, now on!

I had worked on Andrica for a little while now, and with some help from coding elves (LOL), I am glad she is finally completed and up live on cartoondollemporium :D

You can change her clothing, decide her hair colour, show/hide little companions next to her, write creative dialogues for them and save a jpg capture of your final creation onto your desktop :) Hope you like her as much as I do!

I will eventually update her into the Gallery :)

Fruits of our labour…

I made this graphic(s) for cartoondollemporium over a period of a few weeks earlier this year, and this week it is live thanks to the hard work of the programmers! I am so damn happy, cos it was a lot of work if you can’t tell LOL!

Original art was done in flash, and the animater store owners of each store is done by other talented artists :) You gotta sign up (it’s free!) to view this, and the stores closer up ^^

In the mall, you can buy stuff for your avatar, I contributed to some of it too! :3 Gotta work on the boys stuff sometime (oops)! I am most proud of the bakery items, they make me hungry when I look through them ^^; Okay time for lunch… more later!

Preview Flash doll for cartoondollemporium

Had been busy creating this doll for cartoondollemporium ^^ I am rather pleased with how it turned out! :D Here’s a simplified sneak preview, the final doll in cartoondollemporium will have more items to play with and music ;) Will post the link when it’s ready!

Click the art below to view the flash doll, I have also updated it into the Gallery page ^^/

Full version with music and extra items now on cartoondollemporium!

Uchi doll with extras now on CDE :D

Uchi with extra items and music, now on CDE!