New toy — Bamboo Wacom tablet

While out and about with the husband on Sunday, we came across this slick looking Bamboo drawing tablet which was at a reasonable price, so we decided to get it for me to try it out.

I remember seeing an entry called Anime paperchild on 望み – What is that you desire?
And decided to try my hand at making one with my new “toy”.

Here she is, having tea in her yukata on my tablet ^^ I was going to colour her, but thought to make a black and white version first ^^  I did a rough sketch in pencil and paper, then “inked” and shaded her in photoshop.
After that I printed her out on our inkjet printer and cut her out. Took a few shots, and decided this one looks the best of the lot.

Tried putting her on my laptop also ^^

Since she turned out rather cute, I hope to find time to colour her eventually, possibly after my deadline later this week ^O^; meanwhile, here’s the version in grey :3

Old art revisited

I was sorting out some artwork and found a few which I really liked but never got around colouring. Today managed to take some time to work on it in between some work :3

This inked drawing is most likely drawn in 2002, I forgot to date it after I finished inking it (oops) In the original scan, due to that the pen bleeds a bit on the paper, the lines are broken especially in the hair area. With my trusty old wacom (of many years) and photoshop, I managed to cleaned up most of the line art. Now it is ready for colouring ^O^!

Maid art completed!

To see a larger version please check Gallery.
For some reason viewing on firefox seem to make my art appear a bit washed out ^^;

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